Vladimir PutinMy piece this week in US News, “Checkmating Putin“, addresses the rising threat posed by Vladimir Putin and why I think that threat, while problematic, does not pose a long-term problem for US interests.

Today kicks off several days of speaking appearances for me.  I’m giving a presentation this morning in Mexico City, at the 48th Annual World Conference of the International Association of Political Consultants on how policy and issues actually can make a difference in political campaigns.  (As several people have reminded me, it will be a very short talk.)  I’m on a panel with experts on African, Kyrgyz, and Turkish elections.

On Monday, I’m presenting to the West Virginia Legislature on my firm’s review of that state’s education system four years ago and what areas for improvement remain.  Then I fly to DC to appear on a panel Tuesday morning on Capitol Hill to discuss the fiscal crisis in Puerto Rico and what can be done about it.  After that, of course, I fly to Chicago for my weekly class at the Harris School of Public Policy at University of Chicago on “The Future of Government.”

Fortunately, I don’ have any further travel planned (other than my course at UChicago) for the remainder of the year.  Yet.




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