Eric speaks frequently at events and conferences.  He has spoken before national audiences such as The AtlanticLive “Reinventing the War on Poverty, Governing Magazine’s annual conference on “Governing the States and Localities,” the National Association of Attorneys General constitutional law conference, the Center on State Innovations’ annual gathering of gubernatorial policy directors, the Council of State Governments’ Eastern Regional Conference, and the CFO [Chief Financial Officers] Forum consisting of the finance officers of the nation’s 25 largest cities.

A frequent guest lecturer at universities around the country and scholar-in-residence as a national Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Schnurer currently teaches a course on “The Future of Government” at the University of Chicago, and has taught previously at Brown University, the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, and Temple Law School.

Schnurer is available to speak on government administration, efficiency and budgeting, the future of government, politics and world affairs, constitutional law, as well as most areas of public policy including health care, education, workforce development, economic strategy, regulatory reform, and services delivery.

To invite Eric to speak at an event, please email him at eschnurer@public-works.org.







Charles Adler Tonight Eric SchnurerDecember 14, 2016.

Listen to Eric Schnurer being interviewed on Canadian talk show, Charles Adler Tonight. Eric discussed his article in US News & World Report, The Age of “Who Cares?”.  In the course of a 15-minute interview, he talked with host Charles Adler about Syria, Donald Trump, racial animosity, international responsibility, and how they’re all interrelated. December 14, 2016.

Eric Schnurer has spoken at these Events: 

International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC): 48th Annual World Conference, WorldWide Crossroads, Mexico City, November 11-14, 2015.

— West Virginia Legislature, November 16, 2015.

— The Hill and The Capitol ForumPuerto Rico’s Fiscal Future, What’s Next for America’s Largest Territory? Washington DC, November 17, 2015. You can watch the whole forum here, or an edited version of Eric Schnurer’s comments here.

The Capitol Forum: Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Future

The Capitol Forum: Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Future







Africa Political Summit & Diamond Awards, Cape Town, South Africa, January 7-9, 2016

Speaking at the Africa Political Summit, South Africa.

Speaking at the Africa Political Summit, South Africa.

Eric Schnurer and the Review of West Virginia’s K-12 Educational System


Reinventing the War on Poverty
Washington, District of Columbia / March 6, 2014

On March 6, The Atlantic explored the current economic and social breakdown of the country’s population, and how those on the brink have the tools to create sustainable foundations for themselves and future generations. Eric spoke on the panel discussing data-driven tools for equity and economic growth.


Data-driven Tools for Equity and Economic Growth from The Atlantic on FORA.tv