The Roots of Inequality, Global Warming and More…

Winning-the-triple-crownI’ve had my own “Triple Crown” of sorts, ​with three pieces in US News & World Report in the past 10 days, including this one yesterday explaining the roots of inequality in our economy in terms of horse racing.

It’s entitled, “Down the Stretch (With Luck).” Winning the Triple Crown requires skill, but also a healthy dose of luck, much like succeeding in the economy.

On a different kind of  horse theme, this piece on “The Modern Horsemen of the Apocalypse” followed up on President Obama’s recent speech on global warming to look at several related global threats. We’ve made precious little progress in recent years in combating these threats.

And over the weekend, I tackled what a progressive agenda for the 21st Century might look like in an article called “Don’t Look Back To Move Forward.” Progressives need to do more than invoke tired government fixes for today’s problems.

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